Top 5: Why Is Urban Fashion So Inspirational?

by Jennifer Dunn on August 2, 2012

Urban Fashion

Urban fashion trends and styles all come from hip-hop. Whether it is oversized tailoring, loud sportswear or a simple skater’s get up, each look can be traced back to the early days of the hip-hop movement in the United States. Kind of like how rock music goes back to The Beatles, but with clothes instead.

What are the top five things about urban fashion that are so inspiring?

1. Something for Everyone

The single biggest problem with the vast majority of styles around the world is that they come with age limits attached. Urban fashions do not come with any such boundaries, meaning that great styles can be enjoyed by people of all ages for many years – it is not a movement simply exclusive to younger members!

Add the sheer variety of styles available, and this means that you can adapt your look as your personal circumstances change, yet still maintain an urban style.

2. How Influential It Is

By wearing urban fashions, you are a part of a global movement that has influenced and inspired millions of people around the world. That, in itself, is a reason to be wearing urban fashions and continuing to lead the way through your distinct style and dress.

3. How It Is Led

Hip-hop in general, as well as urban fashion styles, are typically led by prominent celebrities. What makes urban fashion stand out above all else is that it is not something that is followed for self-promotion or gain. With many mainstream products, there is always the lingering suspicion that someone is being paid a bounty to be that way, when you see a celebrity following hip-hop ideals, you know that is their life.

4. You Can Wear It Everywhere

For many years, urban fashion suffered from misconceptions and stereotypes over what it really is. Everyone labelled urban fashion as simply being baggy jeans, skate shoes, hooded jumper and a hat. Although that look is one part of urban styles, the general fashion now incorporates sportswear and tailoring, as well as other looks with a more relaxed, casual style.

5. Brands Are Getting On Board

Part of previous stereotypes around urban fashion were no doubt linked to the niche brands that were producing those styles. In the past twenty years many global brands have begun to realise the opportunities urban fashion affords them, with many now prolific in the urban styles they design.

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