Beat The Heat With Rompers & Jumpsuits

by Jennifer Dunn on July 28, 2012

What better way to beat the heat of summer than with rompers and jumpers that are taking the fashion world by storm. This season, jumpers and rompers have come back trendier and more functional than ever. When jumpers were first introduced, the apparel drew much flak from men and women for being unflattering to feminity. Trends evolved, and you can now choose from a wide range of jumpers and rompers that will elicit admiration and envy.

Jumpers are comparatively more versatile than rompers. Rompers can be taken us uber chic jumpers of shorts style. Though rompers will lend you the aura of one who just stepped out of a fashion magazine, they are not something you can rush to an impromptu business meeting in. Jumpers, on the other hand, can be modified to transform from blithe to professional by tweaking with your hair, make-up and accessories.

Rompers are the ideal summer wear, lending you with great comfort as the Sun sears the ground. If you plan to stay indoors and sizzle the little party you are a part of, you can choose select fitting rompers made of more flattering materials. Accessorize with a slim belt to accentuate your waistline.

Dress according to your body shape

Jumpsuits come in various shapes and sizes, and a woman of any body type will find a flattering outfit. A voluptuous woman can flaunt her curves in a jumpsuit with a V-neck and short sleeves that enhance bust line and a belt will draw attention to your figure. Tube tops and plunging necklines in jumpsuits lend a look that is simultaneously sexy and authoritative.

A rotund woman need not fear jumpsuits and rompers, contrary to the suggestions of self-appointed fashionistas. A romper with short sleeves and complementing colors will fir you well, and make your arms appears less rotund. However, you will want to reach out for rompers instead of jumpers as the latter, with long pants, can make you appear shorter if they are of leggings style. Rompers, on the other hand, give you a taller and slimmer appearance.

If you are a woman who comes from the floral era of yester year, you will find floral print rompers and jumpsuits much to your liking. Floral prints are not advisable for those who intend to make a style statement, but they can be just the apparel from a relaxed day at home during summer. If you are looking for some comfortable but fashionable wear for getting onto that detestable land mower, these homely floral print jumpers can provide you with the motivation to get going.

Jumpers and rompers are outright blessings for skinny women and for those without those enviable feminine curves. Jumpsuits come in various styles that hang loose fashionably on your frame, suggesting curves without proving or disproving them. A skinny woman can put on a wide or a slim belt around her waist to have the fabric frame the body so as to lend it an hourglass figure.

Rompers are the hottest style statement this season. Manufactured with denim, cotton, silk, rayon and a range of other materials, you can pick the material that you prefer the most. The best part about rompers and jumpers is that you can accessorize to create multiple effects.

Pairing rompers or jumpers with carefully picked out heels that complement the style of the apparel. Use your best judgment to see if block heels go with your suit, or stilettos. When you wear cocktail dresses, you are limited to the use of clutches. With jumpers, even as you sport the sophisticated look of a dress, you can pick out a bag of any style or size. A backpack will complement a romper as well as a designer bag would.

A romantic evening with your love, dinner with family, a fun night hitting the town or a semi-formal office meeting, jumpers and rompers can help you cruise through the day. Rompers and jumpers are the ideal summer wear as they lend as much comfort as your home shorts, but making you presentable at the same time.

This summer, you will want to fix your wardrobe with the ease of rompers and jumpers that can be worn in a multitude of ways. Pair your rompers with a tee or leggings to present yourself a great layered appearance. Some rompers can also be paired with shirts to add a frivolous tinge to otherwise uptight attire. There are plenty of ways you can play with your collection, mixing and matching to create cocktails that befit the situation.

Rompers and jumpers are here to stay, and you will find yourself enjoying a summer as colorful as ever. Psychedelic designs are here to enthrall, but you may want to reach out for rompers in that design, rather than jumpers as the latter can have quite a disturbing effect on those around you.

The post is transcribed by Jason Phillips; a fashion designer with unmatched skills. He likes to dress his mannequin in cultural and ethnic dresses. He is ardent fan of bebe day dresses; he thinks it is a perfect way to shop online.

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